NC Yam Festival
Tabor City, NC
   October 26,2013      

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The NC Yam Festival at Tabor City is a community event dedicated to highlighting the agricultural heritage of the Tabor City area.  Since the late 1940's, the Tabor City community celebrates its agricultural heritage during an October week of fun, food and entertainment.  The festival draws over 10,000 attendees on the
primary festival day and several more thousand at various other events
throughout the week. 

The festival would NOT exist without generous corporate sponsorship and community support.  Sponsors are welcomed to contribute to the festival's general event fund or may choose to sponsor a particular event.  This is a fantastic opportunity to advertise your business to thousands of people while supporting a festival that has a significant economic impact on the Tabor City area.

Join us on October 26th and Have a Yam Good Time!